1967 Mercedes-Benz

During 1967 Mercedes-Benz was one of the largest auto manufacturers in Germany. This company specializes in buses, trucks and luxury vehicles that are manufactured in Stuttgart, Baden-Wurttemberg. With a logo that stated “The Best or Nothing”, it comes as no surprise that Mercedes-Benz is regarded as one of the most luxurious brands on the market. The […]


1967 Mercury Car Line

The 1967 Mercury Car Line has a fascinating history. Mercury Automobiles first entered production in 1938 when the son of Henry Ford, Edsel was trying to create an luxury vehicle that was a step up from the Ford models and not quite as exclusive as the Lincoln. The Mercury line was then created and used […]

Land Rover

1967 Land Rover

The 1967 Land Rover experienced quite a few changes in its short history. During the year, this year, the automaker was still producing their line of four-wheel drive vehicles. As the second oldest four-wheel drive company on the market, they have manufactured a wide selection of vehicles that have often been praised by the public. […]


1967 Triumph Spitfire

The Triumph Motor Company was an auto manufacturer based out of Britain. Owned by BMW, the company was started by Siegfried Bettmann. The automaker began their career in the 1800s making a line of motorized bicycles that were popular for decades. In the 1960s, these motorized bicycles were declining in popularity and competition was tough. […]


1967 MG Vehicle Line

Morris Garages Car Company Limited or MG was a sport car manufacturer from Britain. This manufacturer was best known for having sports cars that provided seating for two. Founded by Cecil Kimber, an employee of William Morris, the company’s name is believed to have been chosen as a tribute to William Morris. The 1967 MG […]


1967 Jeep CJ5

The 1967 Jeep CJ5 was an early vision of the Jeep Wrangler today. What began as a military vehicle in the early 1900s, slowly evolved into an off road vehicle that millions of people would be drawn across the globe. This vehicle features a removable windshield and removable doors that made the punishing dirt roads […]


1967 Morgan

The 1967 Morgan line of vehicles continued the same body style that the manufacturer had been using since the 1930s. While other auto manufacturers were focused on giving people the latest designs and features, Morgan continued to focus on giving customers a nostalgic vehicle that mixed modern features with a classic car. This proved to […]


1967 Jaguar Vehicles

The 1967 Jaguar line of vehicles are considered an elite brand of cars and are manufactured in England. Originally known as Swallow Sidecars, after World War II the company chose to distance itself from the SS initials as they were considered unfavorable and offensive to their customers. In 1966, the company was sold to British […]


1967 International Scout

The 1967 International Scout was a vehicle that achieved moderate popularity in the United State and the line would remain popular until the early 1970s. This model was known for being a comfortable ride with bucket seats, offering a heating and cooling system, featuring upgraded instrumentation and for having a 266 V-8 engine. A turbo […]