To some breast cancer survivors it is a mystery, a condition they have never heard of, even if they are at risk. To others, it is the painful swelling in their arms that results from damage to the lymph nodes and can show up months even years after treatment. Too often lymphedema is a secret, a nasty surprise that is frequently not detected until swelling is visible, at which point damage can be irreversible.

Our goal is to change that

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Early Detection

Early detection is critical for survivors of breast cancer to manage and control lymphedema. We invite you to browse our Website, learn more about lymphedema and what you can do to prevent and manage it. Learn from the stories of other survivors and share your story with them. Then pass on the message to your mother, your sister, your friends, anyone whose life has been touched by breast cancer. With knowledge comes empowerment. You CAN make a difference. Lymphedema doesn’t have to be a secret anymore.

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