The purpose of our theme, “Lymphedema doesn’t have to be a secret – spread the word,” is to create a community of breast cancer patients who support the education, prevention, early detection, intervention and treatment of lymphedema. Lymphedema is a condition resulting from damage to the lymph nodes that causes swelling in the limbs. Early detection is critical for survivors of breast cancer to manage and control lymphedema. However, women are often unaware that lymphedema is a risk associated with breast cancer treatments. Lymphedema is frequently not diagnosed until after the swelling is visible, the point at which the progression of the disease is often irreversible.

Only with increased awareness and knowledge of the condition will breast cancer survivors have the resources necessary to inform themselves, their friends and others about the risk of lymphedema and to become advocates of early detection and early intervention for themselves and others. The goal of this web site is to educate and spread awareness about lymphedema to breast cancer patients by creating a place online where women with and without lymphedema can share their stories, offer their perspectives and support one another. This community of support will empower women to seek the care they deserve and help other women do the same. Ultimately, this will result in a new and improved standard of care that is reimbursed by insurance companies, and to which all women have access.